Save time and money with a hosted solution

Save time and money with a hosted version of CACTAS! We have teamed with the industry leading hosting company to provide powerful and reliable servers in secure data centers for a fully managed and reduntent hosted solution including full data backups so you never have to worry.

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Unlock the web with online deposits

Unlock the web with our real time online deposit service With family and friends from around the world can deposit money to inmates and help reduce the hassle of accepting money orders for your facility. Just simply ask us to turn it on!

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Who are we?

Cashless Systems has been developing CACTAS for more than 20 years. We are the undisputed leader in the Commissary and Trust Fund software market.

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Customer Feedback

The system has been running for over 3 years since acceptance and ODRC is pleased with the system and CSi support.
Kelly M. Sanders, Division of Business Admin, ODRC  -
Cashless Systems Inc. has always provided great assistance in making any adjustments or changes, as well as creating any special reporting avenues needed.
Regina Goldman, TCB Manager, ADOC  -
I would recommend there product to any correctional facility that is searching for an easy to use but yet detailed system to track their accounting needs.
Kevin Horn, Acct Manager, Hamilton County  -