CACTAS solutions are being used by 24 clients, and have been installed in over 149 facilities and 68 agencies in 21 states nationwide. The client list below is incomplete, but highlights a selection of clients organized in groups of Private, Large Facility, Small/Medium Facility, and State Jails/Prisons. The Commissary Service Providers we partner with are listed as well.

Private Jails/Prisons

LCS Corrections Services, Inc.

LCS operates four prison units in Louisiana and two units in south Texas and one in Alabama. In May of 2004 trust fund accounting and commissary operations of these prisons were consolidated on a single CACTAS system. The CACTAS web site and database is running in a managed hosting environment provided by RackSpace Managed Hosting of Dallas, TX. Each of the LCS prison units, their home office, and a central commissary distribution/service center are connected to the CACTAS website using broadband internet connectivity and internet browser software. All CACTAS function is executed from the internet browser requiring no CSi proprietary software to be installed on the user workstation.

Primary contact for the LCS project is:
Mr. Dick Harbison, VP of Operations
LCS Corrections, Inc.
(337) 234-1533

Large Facility Jails/Prisons

Hamilton County Justice Center

Cincinnati, OH 45202
Mr. Kevin Horn, Accounting Manager
(513) 946-6622

This system is interfaced to the Unisys Jail Management System.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

Clearwater, FL 33762
Mr. Tom Boos, IT Manager
(727) 453-7379

This system is interfaced to the Unisys Jail Management System.

Small/Medium Facility Jails/Prisons

Evergreen Rehabilitation Center

St. Pauls, NC 28384
Mr. Vester (Skip) Reid, Executive Director
(910) 865-4581

La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department

La Crosse, WI 54601
Mr. Dean Deick, IT / Ms. Dana Malin, Office Manager,
608-785-9674, 608-785-6187

Spartanburg County Detention Facility

Spartanburg, SC 29303
Mr. Larry W. Powers, Director

State Governments

Montana Department of Corrections

The Montana Department of Corrections is the most recent addition to the family of state government CACTAS users. CSi and the Enterprise Web Edition of CACTAS were selected in a national RFP process earlier this year and we finished rolling out the solution at the end of August. The most unique aspect of the MDOC CACTAS solution is that CSi provides web site and database hosting services on a managed hosting server from RackSpace (the world’s leader in hosting services). MDOC has automated state wide commissary bag and deliver operations on CACTAS from the Montana State Prison (MSP) in Deer Lodge, MT. Trust accounting continues to be done at each prison facility from the central CACTAS solution which allows the trust fund checks to be printed centrally as state warrants from the State of Montana Treasury central bank.

Primary contact for the MDOC commissary operation is:
Mr. Jeff Bromley
(406) 846-1320 x2252

Primary contact for the MDOC inmate banking operation is:
Ms. Kimberly Timm
(406) 444-4903

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) is the fifth largest prison system in the nation with an annual operating budget in excess of $1.4 billion. The CSi proposal was selected for implementation in a national RFP process. The 18 month initial project development period and rollout began on June 6, 2005 and was completed in November, 2006. The initial 5 year term will continue with a 3.5 year maintenance and support period following initial rollout. Under this contract the next generation of CACTAS software was developed consisting of a three tier architecture design. The latest version of Microsoft SQL Server and the advanced CACTAS database design provide a technically sound foundation for consolidating the entire ODRC prison enterprise on a single database. The CACTAS client server user interface from older versions of CACTAS was replaced with a middle tier application based on Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003, Internet Information Services 6 (IIS), and the .Net framework runtime. These components offer a robust and secure environment that is capable of handling the intense load of an enterprise wide application. Finally the client application utilizes Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and .Net runtime to produce an easy to use browser and smart client application.

Primary contact for the ODRC CACTAS project is:
Mr. Walt Woodruff
Project Manager
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
(614) 728-1472

Arkansas Department of Correction

Full function CACTAS Systems have been installed throughout the Arkansas Department of Correction prison system since the mid 1990’s. Our roll out project for the ADC was started in June of 1996 and completed in May of 1997. Deliverables included hardware, software, installation, training, documentation, and full on-going support after live system use began. Four major product upgrades have been applied to the ADC CACTAS system over our 12 year relationship. Our 2nd 5-year contract with the ADC expired in May 2006 and has been renewed for a third 5 year term. In August of 2003 we successfully consolidated all 18 of the ADC prison units onto a single CACTAS SQL Server 2000 database. This client server edition of CACTAS allowed all inmate banking operations to be centralized in a TrustFund Central Banking (TCB) group in Pine Bluff. Each prison continued to operate from 1 to 4 commissary stores in a distributed processing environment. On July 1, 2008 the ADC was migrated to the Enterprise Web Edition of CACTAS allowing the TCB and commissary operations to be managed utilizing a single Microsoft ASP.NET website. The CACTAS website and SQL Server databases are hosted in Little Rock on an application server and a cluster of SQL servers administered by the state’s Department of Information Services (DIS). With this latest edition of CACTAS the ADC continues to centralize all inmate banking operations from their TCB group in Pine Bluff while decentralizing their commissary operations to each prison facility utilizing CACTAS point-of-sale capability.

Primary contact for the ADC CACTAS project is:
Ms. Regina Goldman
Manager of Trust Fund Central Banking
Arkansas Department of Correction
(870) 850-8474

Wyoming Department of Corrections

Full function CACTAS systems are installed in all Wyoming Department of Corrections facilities. The roll out of the 4 Wyoming prisons was completed in January 2000.

Primary Contact for the WY DOC project is:
Mr. C.E. Carpenter
Business Manager Wyoming Honor Farm
Wyoming Department of Correction
(307) 777-7407

Commissary Service Provider Partners

Brothers Commissary Services

Mr. Ty Foreman
General Manager

Stewart Distribution

Mr. Will Jeffords
Director of Institutional Sales
400 Bonneyman Rd.
Blackshear, GA 31516
800.673.7335 x142

Correction Connection of Idaho

Mr. Emilio Gonzalez
13601 W. McMillan
Suite 102 PMB
Boise, ID 83713